Around this time of year, Floridians don’t just have to worry about aggressive drivers on the road they should be on the lookout for aggressive alligators, too, according to officials who on Friday had to remove a 9-foot (2.8-meter) gator from a county road.
The Manatee County Sheriffs Office warned motorists that its that time of year when alligators, um, fall in love but might not always be so affectionate.
Its gator mating season. This means they could be more mobile and aggressive than usual, the sheriffs office wrote in a Facebook post.
A male gator measuring 9 feet, 2 inches (2.8 meters) had to be removed from a roadway after it was spotted being aggressive with traffic. Sheriffs deputies captured the reptile and relocated him to an alligator farm.
Wildlife officials say mating season in Florida begins in early April and could continue into June.