Mark Crossley has told the incredible story of how Brian Clough destroyed Vinnie Jones ghetto blaster and scared the living daylights out of the former Wimbledon captain.
The legendary Nottingham Forest boss will forever be remembered as one of the finest coaches in the game for his no-nonsense approach to both life and football.
Even Vinnie Jones and his ghetto blaster were no match for Brian Clough
As charismatic on the touchline as he was on the microphone, Clough terrified and entertained fans in equal measure.
During his playing career, it is fair to say Jones had an equally diverse demeanour.
But, as former Forest goalkeeper Crossley revealed on the Undr the Cosh podcast, the clash of the two titans was as hilarious as one may have expected.
We played Wimbledon at home, I remember this, Crossley said. And they were first team to come with ghetto blaster.
Vinnies walked in with it on his f****** shoulder like the Crazy Gang. Were playing them at Forest.
Anyway, f****** ghetto blaster is going down and you can see he is thinking what the f*** is that?
And hes stopped and hes gone Hilly, Hilly to Alan Hill. Would you go and knock on their f***** dressing room door and ask them to turn that f****** music down?
Nottingham Forest secured European Cup and Super Cup glory under the late, great Brian Clough, right, in 1979
So Alan Hill goes down and he knocks on door and Vinnie Jones opens door, the captain of Wimbledon, and hes stood there in a pair of slips. Like f****** growling at Alan Hill like.
And Alan Hill has gone listen Vinnie, would you mind turning the music down? Our gaffer dont like it. So Vinnie has gone yeah, yeah, no problem.
So he turns it down and Alan Hill goes back up to dressing room. Of course, what happens? They turn it even f***** louder.
Hilly, this time, would you say please
can you turn the music down? So he goes down and he says please Mr Jones, can you turn the music down?
So he opens the door again, and Vinnie has got a smirk on his face. So he turns it down, comes back up and it starts again. So this time he [Clough] gets up and he f****** walks down corridor, knocks on door.
He opens the door Vinnie, he [Clough] walks in their dressing room and this is 10 to three by the way picks the ghetto blaster up, smashes it and says Now play your f****** music Wimbledon.
We f****** battered them 4-1 like and when I went to play for Wales and met Vinnie like, Vinnie told me this story you see.
Even Crazy Gang didnt say owt [sic] to him.