Tetrisis dead (on mobile); long live Tetris.
A day after Electronic Arts announced that its Tetris games would disappear from the Android and iOS marketplaces, The Tetris Co. announced that its classic 35-year-old puzzler is now free to download on mobile devices via both the App Store and Google Play.
As it stands,N3tworks Tetris is rather bare-bones compared to EAs versions. It has one game mode and five different skins, where EAs Tetris 2011 has three modes of play. Tetris 2011 also has two control schemes, where N3tworks game has just one, which a news release called intuitive swipe controls with haptic feedback built specifically for mobile devices. An online leaderboard for Tetris will be coming soon.
Were launching Tetris with a traditional solo gameplay mode, but we want fans to know that weve got so much more in store for them, said Neil Young, the founder and chief executive of N3twork, which developed this version. This is just the foundation of an incredible Tetris app experience were building at N3twork.
Last year, N3twork and The Tetris Co. announced that Tetris Royalewould be coming to iOS and Android. The game, currently in beta, is essentially a mobile adaptation of 2019s acclaimed Tetris 99for Nintendo Switch (developed by Arika and Nintendo), a battle-royale-ified version of the original game where groups of 100 players compete to be the last player still knocking out blocks.
On Wednesday, in a statement posted to the App Store, EA said its Tetris 2011 and Tetris Blitzgames would be retired on April 21. Until then, players may still play the game and use any in-game items theyve acquired.