A staffer with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign was fired after a Daily Beast report about his having regularly mocked the Vermont socialist’s Democratic-primary rivals and their families in sexist, homophobic and other personal terms.
Ben Mora, a Michigan-based regional field director, used his private Twitter account to insult Pete Buttigieg and his husband, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.
After the Daily Beast published the story, Mike Casca, the Sanders campaign’s communications director, confirmed that Mr. Mora had been fired.
“We are running a multiracial, multigenerational campaign for justice where disgusting behavior and ugly personal attacks by our staff will not be tolerated,” he said.
According to a report published Monday in the Daily Beast, Mr. Mora has said Ms. Klobuchar “looks like her name: pained, chunky, [and] confused origin/purpose.”
Mr. Buttigieg “is what happens when the therapist botches the conversion,” while husband Chasten will within 10 years be “busted for running a meth racket.”
His harshest remarks, according to the Daily Beast, were reserved for Ms. Warren, who, according to Mr. Mora, is a “dumb Okie” and “an adult diaper fetishist” who “looks like s—t” and lied about Indian ancestry “to get into Harvard.”
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