Indigenous activist Leilani Clarke is back in court today charged with assaulting four officers she allegedly spat on, kicked in the groin or slapped.According to a statement of police facts seen by it will be alleged the 21-year-old lashed out after police saw her punching a young woman she had passed in the street in the inner city suburb of Redfern.
She is listed in Downing Centre Local Court today on four charges of assaulting two female and two male police officers, one charge of affray using unlawful violence against a 22-year-old woman.
The matter, which is already part heard, is due before Magistrate Erin Kennedy.
Ms Clarke, who campaigns online against “white colonial oppression”, is also charged in a separate incident in February this year with assault occasioning actual bodily harm and affray against a male alleged victim in Sydney.
Police allege Ms Clarke, was walking along Redfern St around 12.20am with 10 friends on June 27 last year after consuming “an unknown number of alcoholic beverages”.
The police facts allege that when Ms Clarke and the young woman’s “paths crossed … the accused punched (her) several times in the head” while the alleged victim was “bent over at the waist with the accused holding her hair, punching her … in an unprovoked attack. No words were exchanged”.
When a police patrol stopped to intervene, it is alleged Ms Clarke “kept rambling, ‘I don’t know what happened. I just want to go … yes, I am drunk in a public place’”.
Told she had breached the bail conditions on a previous unrelated charge, police allege Ms Clarke sat on the ground against a wall and refused to get up.
When one female constable tried to handcuff her, police allege Ms Clarke “swung a punch” which didn’t connect.
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During this process “the accused was making a snorting noise then proceeded to spit saliva” at the female constable, which “landed on her pants”.
The police facts allege Ms Clarke then resisted and was dragged to a caged paddy wagon, allegedly twice kicked another female officer.
At Redfern Police Station, officers claim they tried to escort Ms Clarke to a custody dock and she said, “don’t f***ing touch me”.
She then allegedly kicked the second female officer “in the groin causing immediate pain”, and a male constable in the stomach.
The facts allege Ms Clarke then resisted being placed in the custody dock, slapped another male officer “on the face with an open hand”.
All the alleged incidents in the police station were recorded on CCTV.
After being placed in time out “due to the level of intoxication”, Ms Clarke was released on bail on condition she not drink alcohol and ordered to attend the Kirkton Road Centre clinic.
Days before Australia Day in January this year, Ms Clarke posted on Facebook about the day and what she called “scabby dreams of urban white societies and cultureless dominion”.
She wrote: “Modern capital colonialism and what that means for our people is not up for f***ing debate, especially this f***ing invasion day so don’t come at me I will troll you.”
Following media reports, Ms Clarke went on KIIS FM to describe court coverage as “disgusting”.
“(There is) a situation of oppression,” she told Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, “these articles are used to justify 250 years of colonisation.”