I’m one of those people that tells things the way I see them. I never write reviews to tell people what they want to hear for the sake of getting likes, and I never bash a game for the sake of attracting attention. Also please take into consideration that reviews are highly subjective and its solely based on my own analysis. With that said, I hate that it comes down to this as I was waiting for this game for some time now, but simply put, Boarderlands 3 just isn’t that great. I played the heck out of it and even took the entire weekend off, finishing the game and clocking around 35 hours in such a short amount of time. With that said, I will now be selling the game.In Borderlands 3 the player will once again have a nearly limitless array of guns to collect, sell, and use in combat, which makes every pickup potentially exciting. I will say that this time around the guns feel a little better in some regards, but a billion is far beyond the point of insane. While I would rather have a billion guns over 1 million, as a player I need other aspects to fall back on. I would take the 1 million over 1 billion without hesitation if other key game elements was raised up to the same level of quality. In other words, an “unlimited” supply of generating guns is not enough to carry the weight of the game.
The problem here is that everything is just so boring. Borderlands 2 had Handsome Jack, a will written villain. The Calypso Twins actions seem redundant, as the means of manipulating the media for their own ends is quickly forgotten. Even returning characters are forgettable. They will struggle to make any kind of impression but never match the characterization in Borderlands 2. Nothing is funny this time around but everything tries so hard to be.
A lack of creativity also hurts the mission design. Everything has been reduced to the act of going someplace, killing a few people, collecting a object and then returning. The missions feel stretched out in the dumbest ways, as if to pad the games length in the most unreasonable ways. Borderlands 2 had some of this in a few regards, but it had rhyme behind the reason. This time around nothing clicks and the writing is downright atrocious. Rage 2 got flamed for having bad writing and redundant missions, but rest assure that it is much more worse here.
Even simple tasks are annoying by how many sub-tasks and collectibles turn into busywork by having you run back and forth long distances across the map for no reason at all but to serve as padding to uttermost degree. The ship the player even uses as a central hub is frustrating with mundane tasks and its a chore to navigate. Almost every mission is painfully bland, never once leading to anything creative and interesting. Even more strange is even as a new game everything feels very dated, even the vehicles somehow manage to control worse than before.
One of the promising changes to Borderlands 3 is the ability to leave the planet of Pandora for different worlds, but each one is seemingly held back by the games underlying technology. Force fields that act as loading screens break up what should be an open-world experience, and the new planets feel more like a change in visual theme than an actual expansion into the outer worlds. The bosses are also horrible and entirely forgettable. If anything happens after leaving Pandora, I would say the backtracking gets even worse in the second half.
How about the combat? The AI is just flat out bad. I would say its just the same but in many cases its even worse than previous games. Nothing ever seems or feels engaging, it feels nothing has been done after all these years. The player has a few new skills but its not like the A.I ever requires you to use them, its all for show. All this time and technology and nothing has been improved, it simply blows my mind and I don’t understand whats been being done after all these years.
All in all I would rate Borderlands 1 four stars, 2 I would rate five stars, and the Pre-Sequel I would also rate four stars, as I felt it was always a little underrated because it didn’t have the larger scale of 2 or surpass it. Borderland 3 feels the weakest of the series and there definitely has been a drastic drop in quality. Maybe much of this is do to them losing their best creative director or there could be other factors I’m simply not aware of.
Final Verdict
If your craving for more Borderlands and cannot seem to wait for a price drop then this review sure wont stop you, just make sure you know what to expect. Our generation of game hardware is 10 times more powerful than the past generation, and the fact that this game is not even twice as good is distasteful. Even if your lacking a creative writer there are others out there, so this tells me one of two things. You for one just don’t care, or you didn’t even try, and the fact that you didn’t try is the same as not caring. Borderlands 3 is a totally forgettable experience.