Pros:__________Very comfortable on the head as there is an electric strap that goes around your head and one on top. Being a previous oculus owner, its like putting on a baseball cap. Overall its super easy to adjust and the foam fabric is snugged all around.One of the few times Im glad they still go with a plastic covering. Youre wearing this so the goal is to get it as light as possible.Wireless, andI mention wireless! No wires in any way. No PCs, just put it on and begin.Not disconnections from Wi-Fi, as its consistent throughout.Oculus once again put some good effort into their built-in speakers. Very loud and immersive, while at the same time being aware of what going on in your world.The built-in headphone jack is always great if you want to be fully immersed. I have to admit that I use the headphone jacks a lot more than I thought (especially in some horror games).For more insight on the speakers, its an integrated backward setup. The result makes you feel that the sound is playing in all directions and not just focused on one place.The Insight program is AWESOME! Ive owned previous Oculus and one of the most annoying things is taking off the VR set because the outside world got in the way. Thats losing my VR controller after watching something on the Rift or just hitting the wall. With the new four mounted cameras, the Quest now can show you when youre about to hit the wall. This is probably one of the best features they put in because now the Oculus monitors all your movements in the real world and just inputs them in whatever game. This is a dream for those who live in tiny/cramped rooms.The Insight program basically allows you to play in almost any room of your choosing because it maps out the space where you’re at (Its like setting up a border you can play in). I say this is awesome again because the games you play will now be, somewhat, customized to the space youre in. Having this feature is such a relief (that includes jumping or crouching, as it will be registered in the game, if allowed.).The resolution is beautiful for those who never used an Oculus, and its a nice upgrade from the Oculus Go (For non VR users, the overall resolution is an awesome sight. Not perfect, but its still great.)Gaming setup takes probably 30 seconds. Just pick the game in your library and have fun.The app works on the phone and in the Oculus. Newcomers, youll most likely buy games using your phone, like going through an app store. They have it on the Oculus, but the phone is a lot quicker to scroll and interact.The screen itself is very clean. Just remember to treat it right. One scratch and any game or movie will be wasted since your focus will be on that scratch. Avoid this by putting it in its box (or a case, if you bought one) every time you finished. Dont just toss it aside.The tracking capabilities are spot on when Im playing a game or viewing a 360-degree video.72Hz refresh rate. Just means that everything is smooth and non-glitchy. It also means less motion blur which that means less motion sickness for those who get it.A huge section of games. From the date of my review, 50 launch games for this VR.You can not only play games that are made and run from the previous Oculus (I believe only the most recent versions), but you can also be able to play against your friends who only have the older versions. I havent tested this layout yet as the only thing close to this is VR poker (which is fun, only if people actually talk in the game!)The games Ive mainly played is so far Rise to Glory and Beat Saber. The controllers are accurate, the speakers are loud, and the experience is quiet a ride.Deleting games is just as easy as starting them. This is good to know because, depending on your games/movies, you may have to do some spring cleaning every now and then.I moved to my bedroom to the living room and I found the reconfigure border mapping very quick.The Passthrough view is the system that allows you to see your world without taking the set. To me, its kinda like a black and white night vision camera when viewing your world through the goggles. The four cameras are your eyes what they see, youll see (not perfect, but viewable).When youre about to past one of your play borders, the controller turns red.Those who have glasses, the Oculus does come with a spacer for your glasses. I dont use glasses so you need to read other reviewers who have them.Putting the Oculus on it knows when I put it on and will wake up. This is also cool because you dont even need to press any button to begin. But, to save power, I turn it off when Im done. The bootup time is short anyway.Yes, this is mainly for gaming, but honestly some of my favorite apps are Netflix, Sling, and Oculuss short videos. Playing Netflix on this is an incredible sight and overall surfing the web and watching live TV on a movie theater size screen is an awesome experience. No glares, no annoyances, no nothing.The touch controllers feel very solid, easy to use, a nice click response, and the grip for each button is a great design feature.Does come with an extra-long USB power cable so you can still enjoy playing your games while its charging.The Quest can track up to 4,000 square feet. Something that you should know for those who will be playing in a room bigger than this.Great warning singles if youre about to step out of your gaming borders.It does remember up to five different locations that you mapped out when making your border. I only have two locations, but when I put the Quest on in one of those rooms, it instantly recognizes it.The VR market is run by Oculus. You think VR, you think Oculus.Cons and Oks:__________Its expensive for the machine. This is not including any really cool games that you have to buy in the store. Yes, there are some nice free ones, but in my experience the best games youll have to pay up.The games are not near to PC graphics but I would think around Nintendo Wii style of graphics. Keep in mind its still a bump in the previous version and this is an on-the-go type of VR. For great graphics, youll need a stronger computer to take on the challenge. Putting something that powerful in a tiny box is not there yet. Overall its still good for a casual gaming experience, just not O My God.Battery life is an average, for me 2 hours. Maybe 2:30 if Im just watching a movie or surfing the web / YouTube. Kind of the same battery life as the Oculus Go.VR is still new, so you are limited in the games for playing VR. Since VR is not the mainstream there will be a setback on new games and, as mention before, higher cost to play prettier games.You cant play this outside. The sun is a big no-no for the lenses and cameras, as it will track off incorrectly. But something this pricey you cant trust the outside world. Its like walking on the sidewalk with your running PC, or gaming console. Leave it indoors (plus youll look like an idiot playing this in public).More demanding games will eat more of your battery up.Controllers require AA batteries. We live in a battery charging world so why is this even allowed?Not only that, but Im replacing these controller batteries a lot more than I should.Its a great experience to view the VR screen but you must know that its nowhere near photo realistic. On a white screen, I can see every little pixel in works. Still a great view, but nowhere realistic, an overall grainy look.The built-in speakers are loud but to fully immerse youll need headphones.I personally notice that the touch controller batter covers are a little loose.No tracking data underneath the headset. You need to make sure that the controllers are in view in front of you in order of the headset to track it.Any outside light still leaks through the nosepiece. Its really insignificant in gaming, but watching a movie is a whole other experience. For a movie, I have to turn off the lights.Even at 72Hz, youll still get a little nauseous. I dont get very often but Ill admit playing Dead and Buried made feel a little uneasy.I was told you wont be able to play all of Oculus Rift games. That kind of sucks for those who spend a decent amount of money on Rift games.A price like this is greater than a PlayStation or an Xbox. Both have hundreds top of the line graphic games and millions of users.A couple of times the controllers froze up when I accidentally hit both of them together when playing. I had to pull out the batteries in order for them to work again. Hopefully, this will be resolved with a software update.Taking out the Oculus is easy but its still large task to pack it anywhere. For example, putting in my backpack does take a big bite out of storage. Note that if youre planning to give this to someone for a birthday or a holiday, out of state, its best you give them a picture of it and tell them one will be shipped to you. When I got my Oculus Go, I was away from home and it was such a burden to find room when I needed to fly back. The Quest is no exception.The concept of portable really means moving it from one room to another. Anything other than that is a significant hassle.Any Rift games that have high resolution, if the Quest can play them, it may run at lower resolutions. The reason why is to optimize the lower-powered Snapdragon chip.My friend has a big head and was having no comfort in using the Oculus.I play for a long time it notices that the straps do make your head itchy.Youll need a phone to initially set up. Really not a big deal in the world we live in.Charging fully, without playing takes two hours for me.Charging fully, while playing games, never happen to me. In fact, there were some times that I was on 0-1% battery life, and the only reason it was working was that I was charging it at the same time. Playing high graphics games will not allow you to charge fully, but watching movies will.IMPORTANT: It does not heat up quickly. This is a major issue for those who live in a cold environment. I discovered this after my second day working the Oculus, but if you live in a cold environment your lenses will fog up almost instantly. Since our bodies create heat, putting on the headset, your eyes give off heat that makes the lenses foggy. This goes away either the temperature outside is warm or the Oculus is warmed up with use. For those who live in cold environments, beware! Youll need to play either a high graphics game to kill the lens fog or keep breathing on the lenses itself. If you decide to just watch a movie, you may be in for a surprise when your entire screen gets fogged. There is no way around this.Looks wise, the Quests appearance is almost the same as the Rift.Oculus app does allow you to cast on-screen action to a second display, but I notice some lag in this.On some high graphics games, the login time does take some time.Twice so far I had re-draw my borders in my room as the Quest, I guess, forgot to memorize one of my rooms. I dont know if this a user error on me or a software error, but its worth noting.Those of you who used the 2016 Oculus controllers, there isnt much a change.The headset will not sense obstacles on the fly. You need to trust your space.The Oculus 360 videos are really simple that even a 4-year-old Oculus machine can run. We need videos that need to fit with the resolution that its currently built for.Still takes some time trying to find the sweet spot for your eyes. I wish the headset will guide you in finding the correct sweet spot for your eyes.Lastly looking through the lens is the same as looking through an old PC monitor. Your eyes start to get irritated after a decent amount of time in. Luckily by that time, the battery will be dead.
Bottom Line:__________
In the end, this is a great VR headset that will be perfect for those who want to get in the VR experience. Please note that this is in no way a replacement for any game console, rather than this is just a new toy. The issue with VR is that it isnt really popular right now. Not only that but, for me, it does take time to get the VR in use before playing. You have put it on, get comfortable, and make sure that you have enough battery life. Unlike any other console, all you have to do it is turn it on, press play, and away you go. In the end, such a small portable VR does has drawbacks, as you can see from the “Cons” above.
The Oculus Quest doesnt really give us a step closer to a fully immerse experience but its still a fun toy to play with. If you have some extra cash then pick it up because its a great VR set (The camera system alone is worth the buy.). For those who want to get into VR than this a way to go 100%.
Overall: Excellent casual gaming, great video streaming, and an all right battery system. For the common user this is a great buy, but for those who been here before, its a decent upgrade in portable VR.
Hope I was a help to you.Love,Honest Reviewer.