In case you missed Lil Nas X’s massive performance at the 62nd Grammy Awards, here’s what you need to know: It was a dizzying, robotic, and constantly surprising spectacle causing more gasps per second than a Halloween flick. BTS and Billy Ray Cyrus were just two of the many featured guests planted beside Lil Nas X during his rotating rally, joining him as he blazed through “Old Town Road (Remix)” and “Panini” and as the ground shifted around them.
One of its epic surprises was when legendary rapper Nas took the stage and performed a new version of “Rodeo” with Lil Nas X in front of a slime-green skull. The pair expanded upon this unbelievable moment after the award show when Lil Nas X released this new version to the world.
Adding Nas to the track in lieu of Cardi B, who’s on the original, gives the track different energy. Where Cardi’s version makes you want to rave in the confines of your car or living room, Nas finds it cool for you to just bob your head to the chill vibes floating in your speaker. The hip-hop legend references his horses in the back, but instead of them being actual ponies, he’s talking about the ones inside of his very expensive engine.
“I might spin the block with 12 horses / I might buy the block and get a boss bitch,” he raps. As he whips up a verse full of witty punchlines, he ends things by throwing his arm around the younger Nas (X). “Nas and Nas X, Big Nas and Little Nas!” he bellows at the end. What a way to pass the torch to the next generation.
Right now, Lil Nas X is holding Nas’s torch as well as two Grammy Awards. He won Best Music Video and Best Pop/Duo Group Performance thanks to “Old Town Road (Remix)” in his first year attending the ceremony. Depending on how his 2020 goes, his next haul could be even bigger.
Listen to Lil Nas X and Nas express some brotherly love on “Rodeo” up above. Find everything you missed at the 2020 Grammys right here.