Billie Eilish has fielded countless interview questions during her meteoric rise to fame, but this week was the first time that theyve been asked by a bot.
Fresh from sweeping the boards at the 2020 Grammy Awards , the 18-year-old songstress sat down with the AI interviewer in a video for Vogue  and the bot proved a more original interlocutor than many of its human rivals.
Its abstract questions provoked some surprising insights into the singers mind. Viewers learnt that Eilish used to dream of working at Jamba Juice or Trader Joes, and once wore a wig out to dinner to avoid attracting attention but she doesnt want to go back to being anonymous.
How much of the world is out of date? the AI later asked.
Politics, baby, Eilish responded from beneath a Prada bucket hat, before adding slut-shaming, music genres, and calling every black artist urban a nod to Tyler, The Creators criticism of the Grammys pigeonholing nomination categories to her list.
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The abstract nature of the questions stood out from the formulaic ones often asked by her human interviewers. However, the AI interviewer wasnt an unqualified success. At one point, the bot called her Billie Eyelash and its questions didnt always impress the singer, particularly one asking if she ever wears headphones with sounds in them.
Check out the full interview below.
The bot also surprised Eilish with a an original song called Six Feet, which it created using data comprised of the lyrics from all her songs. Eilish was impressed by the cryptic lyrics than shed been by its interviewing technique.
It doesnt make sense and I dont see any, like, structure, she said
Eilishs AI interviewer was created by Brooklyn-based programmer Nicole He, who produced the questions using GPT-2, a text-generating system unveiled last year by OpenAI. The research lab initially claimed was too dangerous to share, but Hes work shows that it can also serve fairly harmless purposes.
He build the bot by following a GPT-2 tutorial created by BuzzFeed data scientist Max Woolf. She fine-tuned the model on datasets comprised of Billie Eilish lyrics and interview questions that previous interviewers had asked her with a Google Colaboratory Notebook developed by Woolf, which allows users to generate new text on an already-trained model.
He admitted that the AI received human intervention, as she had to train the model and the questions were hand-picked from the results. She tweeted that it was an example of how AI can enhance creativity  a sentiment that Eilish seemed to share.
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Published February 14, 2020 — 16:38 UTC