Ladies and gentlemen, I have found our first contender for game of the year 2020. Presenting Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game, a game that uses Goat Simulator-style hijinks as a building block for even more ridiculous shenanigans.
There is some physics-based silliness here, but what sets the game apart is that it gives you more tools and animals to unleash your chaos. You can, for instance, make the deer bipedal, which somehow allows you to shoot guns.
But to really get a sense of whats possible here, we should take a look at the main trailer for the game.
Within moments, you see the titular deer parading around with a chainsaw on its head, while an animal tornado rages in the background. The deer can somehow ride all the animals, which range from a raccoon to a huge, fire-breathing dragon. Actually, you can make an entire mech out of the animals.
The animals can fight back, too. While some can be easily manipulated with food, you can also see a hostile polar bear riding a tank, as well as a giraffe riding a police car. At one point, a hippo comes out of the water, opens its mouth, and reveals as mini-gun. Also, there are penguins attached to its legs for some reason? Logic doesnt exist here. You can set a cow on fire and receive a hamburger. That same cow can use its milk as a jet to propel itself into the air. Sure, why not.
Has this game been engineered to be social media catnip? Absolutely; its no mistake that one of the trailers features Shia Labeoufs just do it meme. And you know what? I dont care. I still want to play this.
Deeeer Simulator came out on Steam yesterday, where it is already enjoying a very positive review score.