CLEVELAND, Ohio — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Sunday ordered public playgrounds to close to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.
DeWine said during a news conference Sunday that state officials determined playgrounds should be closed because they are particularly susceptible to the spread of the disease.
The order to close playgrounds is part of a stay-at-home order requiring Ohio residents to remain in their homes until April 6. Residents may leave their homes to shop for groceries and other household necessities and go to work at essential businesses, among other exceptions.
Also among the exceptions are outdoor activities such as walking, running, hiking and bicycling, although DeWine encouraged everyone to maintain a six-foot distance from others. Children are also permitted to play outdoors, DeWine said.
People may visit public parks, including the Metroparks, or open outdoor areas. The order says public access playgrounds may increase spread of COVID-19, and therefore shall be closed. It was not immediately clear how the playground closings will be enforced.
Ohio is also imposing new restrictions on state daycares to try to limit the spread of COVID-19. Classroom sizes will be limited to six children, and will be designed to group children whose parents work together in the same center.
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