Adele and Harry Styles have been spotted living their best lives on holiday together and we cant deal.
The two, along with James Corden, were reportedly seen on the beach together in Anguilla in the Caribbean, leading to speculation that they could be working on a collaboration together.
Fans were, understandably, going crazy over the thought of an Adele and Harry Styles duet all over Twitter.
adele and harry styles can carry the whole music industry by doing a collaboration. send tweet.
— ish (@finelineish) January 5, 2020
if harry styles and adele did a collab i would, not to be dramatic, quite literally, pass away.
— amanda! (@amndacarano) January 4, 2020
I dont know why Adele and Harry Styles were hanging out together on a tropical island, but I hope there was a recording studio nearby.
— Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) January 4, 2020
As if all this wasn’t enough, a bartender at the Caribbean Fish Market in St Thomas has shown how generous the trio were when they went out for dinner together.
Sharing the receipt from their meal, he showed that they gave their server a $2020 (£1543) tip on top of their $472.50 (£361) bill – pretty awesome, right?
Our invite for this holiday might’ve been MIA, but we will continue to live our lives vicariously through these photos forever.