New year, new Dune!
If we know one thing about 2020, it’s that this is going to be a big year for Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi novel. Not only is Dune being adapted as a film for the second time (this time directed by Denis Villeneuve and boasting a headline-grabbing cast led by Timothée Chalamet), but EW can exclusively reveal that the 1965 book is also being adapted into a graphic novel by Abrams Books. It will be written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (the same team that co-authored the most recent Dune books in the last few years) and illustrated by Raúl Allén and Patricia Martín, with covers by Bill Sienkiewicz (New Mutants).
Dune is the story of Paul Atreides, the scion of a space dynasty whose destiny is to become a savior known as the Kwisatz Haderach. As a result of intergalactic political struggles, his family House Atreides is given custody of the desert planet Arrakis, an arid place that is nevertheless the only source of the rarest material in the universe, a spice called melange that can power spaceships and produce psychedelic drug experiences. It seems like a good deal, but Paul’s father, Leto, has to contend with his rapacious rivals in House Harkonnen, the former stewards of Arrakis who won’t let their crown jewel go so easily.
The graphic novel will split the first Dune novel into three parts, the first of which will hit shelves this October. Sienkiewicz’s covers for the three installments will form a triptych image together, and he also created a logo for the series which you can see below.
“I am pleased to present this faithful graphic novel adaptation of my father’s masterpiece,” Herbert said in a statement. “This is the first time Dune has ever been published in this format and will introduce many new readers to Frank Herbert’s fantastic universe.”
Below, check out exclusive character designs for Paul, Leto, and Paul’s mother, Lady Jessica (a member of the all-female magical organization known as the Bene Gesserit). In Villeneuve’s film version, Paul will be played by Chalamet, Leto will be played by Oscar Isaac, and Jessica will be played by Rebecca Ferguson.
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