A phone repair guy has been paid £40 ($52.28) to not do his job.
Oli Pickles didn’t know what to think when a customer came into his shop in Sheffield on Wednesday and handed him a smashed up phone with cash and a bizarre note concealed in the back.
The note read: “Bro – keep the money and the phone. Just call my missus and tell her you can’t fix it.
“I’ll tell you full story later.”
Oli Pickles has never been paid to not fix a phone before, you’ll be surprised to hear. Credit: Oli Pickles
The 28-year-old duly did what he was paid to do – not fix the mangled iPhone 8 Plus and call the woman and tell her it could not be repaired. The woman then thanked him and said she would pass on the message.
The suspicious request left Mr Pickles scratching his head and he still hasn’t solved the puzzle, as it would cost almost double the cash provided to mend the phone and the customer hasn’t yet returned as he said he would to explain the full story.
But while Mr Pickles may have done what was asked of him, the customer may wish he had added a clause on the note that read: “Also, please don’t share this story with a national paper and massively increase the chances of my missus finding out about my ruse.”
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr Pickles said he sensed there was something fishy about the customer when he entered the store.
He said: “I’ve been fixing phones for six years and have never been paid not to get one going again. It’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me.
“I don’t know what this customer was trying to hide but clearly he wanted to keep it secret from his partner. It must have been so important that he was willing to pay for it.
“Normally, people are desperate to get their mobiles working again but not him.
Easy money. Credit: Oli Pickles
“When he handed over the phone I just had a feeling that he wasn’t coming back. There was something not right about him and he was acting quite shifty.
“He just dumped the phone on me and couldn’t get rid of it quick enough. I told him to come back in two hours but I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to happen.”
Mr Pickles isn’t sure whether the mystery will eventually unravel itself, but for now he’s got 40 quid and a funny story anyway.
He said: “This customer only left me £40 so it’s not worth my time to sort it out. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the money either. The whole thing is just a bit weird.
“I’ve been thinking about what this customer might have been getting up to and just can’t work it out, but it does make me laugh.”