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Facebook Memories for some of you can be a delightful reminder of fun activities, touching moments, or clever witticisms of days gone by. For others, it can be a reminder of lost friends, painful events, or (in my case) the cringe-inducing things you thought were witty when you were young and foolish. This feature, which used to be called On This Day, is not for everyone, is what Im saying.
Its reasonable to want to turn them off entirely. So how do you do that? Turns out its surprisingly complicated.
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Sometimes it seems as though Facebook doesnt get the hint that users dont want to see things, despite being explicitly told and Memories are part of that. For example, I have it set that I dont get notifications for my Facebook Memories, and yet they still turn up in my newsfeed from time to time.
You can find the Memories page in the sidebar of Facebook on desktop, or in the menu in the app. Once you get to the Memories page, the first thing youll see is basically the posts youve made on this day (Facebook hasnt completely abandoned its roots). On the sidebar now, you can see the various Memories settings, including notifications, Hide People, and Hide Dates. You can set notifications to not send you notifications of your Memories, which is my default for most things on Facebook anyway. But that wont necessarily stop Facebook from showing you Memories.
Hide People essentially allows you to block memories in which certain friends appear. Its useful if youve got a particular person in your past who you dont want to completely purge from your social media, but whom you dont want to be reminded of a deceased loved one, for example. But you can also add yourself from that list. In theory, that should prevent you from seeing your own Memories.
With Hide Dates, you can set a range of time you dont want to be reminded of. From this setting, you can set up a date span, and if you choose you can set the range over the entirety of your time on Facebook. You might have to re-up this in future to prevent you from seeing memories that happen after you set the date range. But its at least a solution.
None of these are foolproof, and Facebook doesnt appear to offer a method to 100% opt out of the Memories feature entirely. But hopefully these options should limit your having to see things youd rather not. Good luck!