Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will debate this evening in a near-empty studio in Washington, DC.
The debate–sponsored by CNN, Univision, and the CHC Bold PAC–was scheduled to be held in Arizona but moved to D.C. for precautionary reasons due to the coronavirus outbreak.
CNNs Dana Bash and Jake Tapper will moderate the debate with Univisions Ilia Calderón.
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7:58 PM: On CNN, McAuliffe says Democrats can come out of tonight because Trump’s tweets today show that something is wrong with him. “Insanity,” he says.
7:55 PM: Biden and Sanders are on stage. They elbow-bump instead of shaking hands.
7:45 PM: Biden ready to reach out to Sanders supporters:
Senior Biden aide on tonight’s debate: “Joe Biden will make it clear to Senator Sanders’ supporters that there’s space for them…we welcome your support, but we’re also going to welcome their ideas, their passion and their commitment to the issues they care so deeply about.”
— Johnny Verhovek (@JTHVerhovek) March 15, 2020
Tonight is Joe Biden’s first time in a one-on-one debate for the office of the presidency .,. but he has debated one-on-one twice for the office of VP ….
— Howard Mortman (@HowardMortman) March 15, 2020
The stage is set for tonight’s 8pm ET debate. The podiums are placed 6 feet apart, in accordance with CDC guidelines.
— CNN Communications (@CNNPR) March 15, 2020
This is what voters will be thinking about when assessing candidates from both parties.
Sorry in advance for the language but at times like this it becomes very easy to distinguish the people who truly care about others from the greedy selfish asshole pricks. (I blame @CSimmsQB for encouraging me to say this.)
— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) March 12, 2020