Quarantine Day 1 million: We’re starting to feel it.
The lack of sports is cutting us all deep including legendary sportscaster Joe Buck.
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But, luckily, Mr. Buck has a solution to his and our heartbreak.
I have good news for you –While were all quarantined right now without any sports, Id love to get some practice reps in. Send me videos of what youre doing at home and Ill work on my play-by-play. Seriously! https://t.co/txAGBLPBGz
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 22, 2020
Now, there are some rules that need following.
First, Joe Buck needs real, live action:
But it has to be of daily stuff. Not you playing Madden. Ha https://t.co/Art9dGPRdD
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 22, 2020
And second, we’re all in this together, so giving back is a requirement:
If your video gets posted you have to pledge to donate to a cause during this quarantine. Even if its a dollar. Send something! Im pledging to the St. Louis Community Fund. Ill do some this week! And supply me with some details please. Heres my house.
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 22, 2020
With that said, who’s ready? Because we are.
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 23, 2020
Sounds like you are, too let’s get to it!
It might have been National Puppy Day on Monday, but we’re always here for dog content.
donating to https://t.co/eQXzjOxFtD right nowhttps://t.co/FndJOWUH0M
— Mina Kimes (@minakimes) March 24, 2020
Next, this young guy would not give up. The Brady jersey is certainly fitting here.
This one might make @patriots fans a bit sadalthough Brady wishes he had these moves. @Brogan1197 tag your charity and take care of those boys, I might be seeing them on a Sunday one day! pic.twitter.com/bROi7PPwDE
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 24, 2020
For the most part, family is always on your side for the most part.
Watch out Breen…if @foxsports ever gets @NBA, I’m getting ready. @AdamHoge, tag a charity and then maybe order your kid a present to make him feel better after this one . pic.twitter.com/WJMGnrmBsa
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 24, 2020
It’s always a good time to up your darts game.
Plus, you’ve got to admire the angle on this one.
I have a feeling @letitflytom has won his fair share of drinks with skills like this. @PatrickMahomes would be proud. Let us know who you are donating to @letiflytom #bluesbrotherspic.twitter.com/WyrkK0hPB6
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 24, 2020
Joe Buck with too much sauce!
We need to be friends. pic.twitter.com/zVtykOv6fK
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 24, 2020
While this quarantine is providing us with some much-needed family time, with that family time is bound to come a disagreement or two:
— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 22, 2020
Stay tuned for more Joe Buck gems.