Since the consoles launch in 2013, players have been clamoring for a way to eject Xbox One discs from the comfort of their couch. The Xbox 360 allowed players to eject remotely using the Y button. But the feature didnt make it to the Xbox One. However, the latest Xbox Preview Program patch, available to Xbox Insiders, appears to restore the beloved feature.
According to a poster on the Xbox One subreddit, some Xbox Preview Program members can now press X on the Xbox Ones home screen to remotely eject whatever disc is inside their drive. What players do with the disc once its dangling outside the disc tray is their own business.
With the new preview patch, you can press X to eject your disc on the Xbox One
Image: Reddit user rockstarleopard
Fans have been asking for this feature for sometime, usually when their Xbox Ones eject button isnt working properly. But once Microsoft publishes this update for all players, fans wont need to worry about a broken eject button ruining their favorite console. The addition of this accessibility feature falls in line with Microsofts recent initiatives with the Xbox One Adaptive Controller and more.
Weve reached out to Microsoft for confirmation and when it plans to release this feature for all players.