Whatever his next move is couldnt wait until June
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge
John Legere has formally cut ties with T-Mobile US, the company he led as CEO for over seven years. After steering T-Mobile through a dramatic turnaround that culminated in its successful merger with former rival Sprint, Legere stepped down and Mike Sievert was appointed T-Mobiles new chief executive earlier this month. At that time, Legere had said he would remain on T-Mobiles board of directors until June 4th.
But thats not the case anymore. In an 8K filing with the SEC today, T-Mobile revealed that Legere is leaving the board effective immediately to pursue other options.
Mr. Legere noted that he was not resigning because of any disagreement with management or the board on any matter, T-Mobile said in its note, which also contained a quote from Legere addressed to the company and its employees:
In his notice to the company, Mr. Legere stated It has been a privilege and honor to have led T-Mobile as CEO for the past seven and a half years and served on the Board of Directors. And although I will be leaving the Board just a few weeks earlier than planned, be assured that I remain T-Mobiles #1 fan!
Whatever Legere has planned next, apparently it couldnt wait another month and change. During his time as T-Mobile CEO, Legere stood out from other executives for his outspoken personality and brazen, often vulgar trash talk directed at competitors like Verizon and AT&T. He branded T-Mobile as the uncarrier and led the company through a transformation that involved moving away from two-year contracts, subsidized phone pricing, and other business practices that had become status quo for the mobile industry. Many of those changes were later adopted by T-Mobiles rivals.
Legere has offered few clues about where hes headed, though he did refute reports in November that hed been in discussions to join WeWork. Since stepping down as T-Mobile CEO, Legere has continued engaging with his large social media following hes got over 6.5 million Twitter followers via Periscope and other platforms.
Earlier on Friday, Legere offered kind sentiments to outgoing AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson after the company announced that hell be succeeded by John Stankey in July. Its definitely something of a new era for leadership at the big wireless providers.
Let the speculation about Legeres next destination begin.