But it gets more interesting. Alcor has two options. The first is a whole-body process that preserves the entire body in a cryo-protectant. The second is the brain and brain stem only.
Why would someone only want their brain and brain stem preserved? Presumably, if we have the technology to bring someone back by repairing the damage from whatever killed them, by that time we might also have the technology to clone a new body using the deceased persons DNA.
Again, weve already made tremendous advances in cloning. While therapeutic cloning is still in its infancy, there is no theoretical reason why we couldnt create a new body without a brain and simply implant the new brain into the cloned body. And with advances with CRISPR, its conceivable the body could come with some sophisticated upgrades.
Those upgrades would come in handy if we plan on going to a new planet like the one in Avatar 2. Imagine having the ability to create a fully customizable body using your DNA to meet the requirements of any planet you visit. Its the ultimate in life extension.
While there are still technological hurdles to overcome like repairing the aging brain, imagine being able to grow your customizable avatar in transit while your current body is in suspended animation headed towards a different planet a hundred light years away.
I must say, the futures looking bright.