A mum in Brazil has been left heartbroken after she woke from a life and death coma only to find her mum had run off with her husband. Kamylla Wanessa Cordeiro de Melo claims she met the man of her dreams when she was 25, who was ten years older than her, and they “fell in love”.
They married in 2013, and Kamylla says their son, now six, arrived the year after following a “complicated pregnancy”.
But her fairytale fell apart four years later when she suffered a stroke following bariatric surgery to regulate her hormones.
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“At the end of 2017, I needed to have bariatric surgery,” Kamylla told Brazilian news outlet No Amazonas é assim.
“The idea was not to lose weight but to take care of my hormonal rates. After operating, I had a stroke and needed to be hospitalised again.”
But following the surgery the mum-of-one slipped into a coma for 78 days and was in intensive care.
But rather than her family rallying around her, Kamylla claims her mum stole her husband – and later married him.
“During this period, my mother – I swear I can’t call her a mother anymore – went to my house to help my husband take care of my son who at the time, was four years old,” Kamylla told Marie Claire, according to The Sun.
“Only later did I learn that in the four months I spent in the hospital, much of the time between life and death, my ex had only visited me twice and my mother, none.”
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When she woke, Kamylla’s father picked her up from the hospital and delivered the devastating news: his wife was having an affair with her husband.
Upon learning of the double betrayal, Kamylla said she experienced the “worst pain” in her life.
“It looked like he was being stabbed in the chest, a mixture of disappointment and disbelief,” Kamylla said of her father when he told her what happened.
Kamylla said she always had a rocky relationship with her mum, who’s only 20 years older than her, claiming she started “competing” with her when she was a teenager.
“As a teenager, around 13, 14 years old, my mother started to compete with me,” she said.
“(She) said that my clothes were better suited to her, that her food was better … Nothing I did was good enough.”
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But refusing to believe the situation, she called her mum and confronted her, who told her everything she heard was true, and she was “very happy” with her former son-in-law.
To add insult to injury, Kamylla says her mum and ex-husband now proudly flaunt their relationship.
“I recently learned that my mother is keen to celebrate their relationship anniversary on March 2, without even disguising that she started going out with my then-husband while I was in the hospital,” Kamylla said.
Kamylla’s mum and her ex-husband later got married, and her son sees his father a few times a week, by court order.
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She is angry her son has to be exposed to the “toxic and harmful” situation, but she’s powerless to change it.
But fortunately Kamylla has managed to put the heartbreak behind her and is has been dating a “nice guy” for the past 10 months.
Rather than fixate on the betrayal Kamylla said she now focuses on her dad and her son, calling them “loving and perfect”.
This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission