• Mojang has been doing a great job of keeping new content coming into Minecraft.
  • The latest update adds plenty of features and blocks to the Nether.
  • These new changes actually make the late-game of Minecraft interesting again.

Nearly a decade after Minecraft officially left beta, Mojang continues to keep the game as relevant as ever by producing new content and mechanics at a remarkable pace.
For the most part, anyway.
One aspect of the game has always felt been inexplicably neglected the late-game stages.
Since the addition of Wither Skeletons, the Nether hasnt changed much. And Mojang never gave us anything better than diamonds to manufacture equipment with.
Both of those things are about to change.
Minecraft Nether Update Incoming
The new Nether biome looks pretty cool and even gives you access to new types of wood to make cool decorations. | Source: CCN.com/W.S.Worrall/Mojang
Minecrafts upcoming update is going to add exciting new features to the Nether. The hellish realm is actually pretty tough to survive in, and its as close to late-game as Minecraft gets.
The new update gives us a reason to go there beyond enchantment components. Partially because there will finally different biomes there, but mostly because thats where youre going to be able to level up beyond diamond equipment.
To Diamond and Beyond
Minecrafts new level of equipment is appropriately tough to obtain. First, youre going to need to be able to access the Nether. That requires diamond equipment in the first place.
Of all the upcoming additions, the new equipment is probably the most exciting. | Source: CCN/W.S.Worrall/Mojang
Then you must survive long enough to get your hands on the new crafting material. These Ancient Debris blocks are ridiculously rare and hidden down low in the Nether.
On top of that, they take ages to mine.
Once youve got them, youll need to process them. Turning four into scraps, then adding them to four gold ingot, nets you a single Netherite ingot.
All the work is worth it, though. The tools you can create from that process are faster and more durable than diamond ones.
Minecraft Is Slowly Becoming a More Complete Game
Its clear that Mojang is slowly building a sense of progression into Minecraft. Theres a visible path from the overworld, to the Nether, to the End.
And that new Netherite equipment is going to make surviving the End much easier.
Its refreshing to see a developer pushing substantial updates this late in the games life cycle. The new decorative options included in the Nether update are just an added bonus.
This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.