Now that Monster Hunter: Worlds excellent Iceborne expansion has been released on Windows PC, Capcom is looking to get all its ducks in a row for the future. Major updates for Iceborne will go live simultaneously for all three versions of the game PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting in April, the publisher announced Sunday.
In the meantime, Capcom will begin rolling out updates for Iceborne on PC in February to catch up with the console versions. The first patch is set to be released on Feb. 6, and it will add Rajang and a new Volcanic Region to the game. It will also bring the Resident Evil crossover event to PC; console players experienced that limited-time event in November. In late February, the Holiday Joy Fest will arrive on PC. Title Update 2, scheduled for March 12, will focus on Stygian Zinogre and introduce a new Tundra Region.
Title Update 3, which will be released on consoles in March, will bring two additional variant monsters to Iceborne, Capcom said in a news release. PS4 and Xbox One players will also get more limited-time events in February and March. And finally, at some point later in April, Title Update 3 will debut on PC and from then on, all three versions will get major content updates at the same time. In April, a patch will introduce Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of certain monsters, and in May, a fan-favorite monster will return. Capcom also said it is planning further updates for June and beyond.
For now, Monster Hunter: World players on all platforms can mark the second anniversary of the games debut in an event that runs from Jan. 23 through Feb. 13. All players can check out the Appreciation Fest in the Astera Gathering Hub, and those who own the Iceborne expansion can enjoy a special cosmic version called the Grand Appreciation Fest. Additional details are available in Capcoms Iceborne DLC roadmap below.
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Image: Capcom