Humble this week joined the growing number of companies that have pledged to support Australia as it combats catastrophic bushfires. A limited edition Humble Bundle, called the Australia Fire Relief Bundle, was announced on Thursday. The collection of 29 PC games is available for a minimum donation of $25, with all proceeds going towards organizations dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Australian wildlife.
The Australia Fire Relief Bundle has a promised value of over $400. Each of the included games is connected to Australia in some way, including Hollow Knight, developed by Adelaide-based Team Cherry, and the charming interactive storybook Paperbark, about a Wombat who lives in the Australian outback. Im a big fan of the multiplayer dungeon-crawler Crawland the gorgeous puzzle-adventure game The Gardens Between, both included in the bundle and developed by Australian studios.
As with all Humble Bundles, the $25 price tag is just a suggested amount. Thats the minimum to receive the games, but youre always welcome to pay more than $25 for the bundle. Humble typically donates 10% of each Humble Bundle purchase to charity, but is sending 100% of the money it makes from the Australia Fire Relief Bundle to the World Wildlife Fund, RSPCA Australia, and Australias Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service. (Polygon has an affiliate partnership with Humble, but will not receive any portion of Fire Relief Bundle sales.)
Australias worst bushfire season to date has devastated the New South Wales coast. The fires, which climate scientists have linked to global warming, have already burned 26 million acres, destroyed over 2,200 homes, and killed 28 people and an estimated one billion animals. People and companies have gotten creative in their relief efforts, from selling clothes to removing them. Humble is the latest to donate proceeds from video games or in-game items.