OnePlus has shied away from wireless charging for quite a while, but not anymore. As spotted first by MobileScout, the company has joined Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the industry body that regulates standards for Qi wireless charging used by the majority of smartphones.
While this might not mean that well see wireless charging support in all OnePlus phones released this year, we can hope for some level of compatibility. A leak published earlier this month, suggested that the OnePlus 8 Pro the upcoming high-end model from the company might feature wireless charging.
Earlier this year, in a podcast interview with The Verge, the companys co-founder and CEO, Pete Lau, said the company preferred wired charging as the current 10W standard wireless charging is too slow and not worth it.
That was not the first time the company had dismissed wireless charging. On multipleoccasions in the past, it has been quick to point out its Warp Charging (previously known as Dash Charging) with its proprietary cable and brick is superior to the current crop of wireless charging solutions.
Currently, Xiaomi offers a 30W wireless charging pad that supports a select number of models. Other companies offer wireless charging ranging from 5W to 10W. So, OnePlus would certainly want to offer the best solution in the industry.
Theres no doubt OnePlus wired charging solution has been one of the companys most-loved features. All eyes will be on the BBK-owned brand to see if it can beat out the competition with a fast wireless charging option too.
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Published January 31, 2020 — 12:38 UTC