Senators have largely been in their seats during the first hour after the dinner break, with a few exceptions.
Sen. Lindsey Graham left the floor around 8 p.m. ET and returned about 8:30 p.m. ET his was the only prolonged absence.
A few other Republican senators were briefly in and out either walking into the GOP lounge or outside the chamber but they returned quickly. Sen. Mitt Romney stood behind his chair for a stretch of time, focused and listening intently.
Nearly all Democratic senators were in their seats, with Sens. Michael Bennet and Kamala Harris standing behind their chairs and Patrick Leahy going into the Senate lounge.
Some Democratic senators, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, smirked and smiled as Adam Schiff repeatedly ticked through a list of documents, repeatedly asking senators if they would like to read a certain document.
If you would like to know what John Bolton had in mind, you can find out just for the asking in a document called subpoena, Schiff said with a flourish in his voice.
Tonight, senators are watching in different ways: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell leans back in his chair, not taking notes or looking at documents. Schumer occasionally flips through handouts.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears to be the only senator with a post-dinner glass of milk. (Milk and water are the only beverages allowed on the Senate floor during the impeachment trial.) She takes occasional sips from her glass, along with water, as she clasps a hand warmer packet in her palms and rubs it across her fingers.