• PewDiePie trashed fellow YouTuber Jake Pauls new financial freedom courses in a recent video.
  • But Felix is guilty of shilling sketchy financial products too.
  • To top it off, PewDiePie gives financial advice in the video, while criticizing Jake Paul for not having any credibility to give financial advice.

PewDiePie wasnt back on YouTube for long before running out of ideas for original content. So he piggy-backed off another YouTubers original work instead.
His response video to Jake Pauls financial freedom movement isnt the first time Kjellberg has attacked his fellow YouTubers efforts to make the world a better place. The king of gaming YouTube has a longstanding beef with both Jake and Logan Paul.
PewDiePie has a longstanding beef with the Paul brothers. | Source: Michael Reaves/Getty Images/AFP
Last year, he even stooped as low as bashing Jake Pauls petition to end cyberbullying.
PewDiePie has expressed consternation in the past with a media that nit-picks over his channel and allegedly blows anything negative out of proportion.
But hes doing the same thing to Jake in this recent video.
Felix Shilled Scammy Cryptos
Just last month, Felix shilled sketchy cryptocurrency projects to his audience for affiliate revenue at the beginning of a video.
He even acknowledged with a joke how greedy it was to include an ad in a video that already had ads on it:
Many people have lost millions to crypto scams in the last decade while hoping to get rich. PewDiePie leveraged his fame and the trust of his fans to push more scammy cryptos. Yet he criticizes Jake Paul for encouraging people to educate themselves about finance and business.
He even made fun of another shady crypto scam in 2018, before selling out to TRON, BitTorrent, and DLive.
PewDiePie Mocks Jake Paul for Giving Financial Advice Then Gives Financial Advice
As if that werent astounding enough, PewDiePie is actually guilty of what he slams Jake Paul for within the same video that he upbraids Paul. Its unbelievable.
Pewds mockingly says:
Yes, Jake Paul is the person I look at when I envision financial freedom.
Then laughs.
But why not?
PewDiePie is more like Jake Paul than he wants to admit. | Source: PewDiePie/YouTube
Paul is in his early 20s, and hes a multi-millionaire. That actually makes him at least credible, if not authoritative, as a source of business and financial advice.
While PewDiePie doesnt think Pauls YouTube success translates to financial savvy, he instantly turns around and starts giving financial advice:
Student loan is the cheapest loan you can ever get. Its one of the most fair loans. Its a great loan to actually take advantage of.
That was in response to Jake Paul criticizing student loans for costing so much and not delivering students the earning power that would make them worth it.
But Jake Paul is right. And PewDiePie is wrong.
Job pay hasnt kept up with the ballooning costs of loan-financed college education. And one markedly unfair aspect of student loans is they are notoriously difficult to discharge in bankruptcy.
PewDiePie concludes:
Jake Paul is the kind of celebrity that doesnt have any real value You could replace Jake Paul with anything or anyone and it wouldnt make a difference.
Honestly, how special is it to play Minecraft and laugh at memes?
PewDiePie is even more guilty than Jake Paul of this final criticism.
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