Choosing the best credit card can be hard. There are thousands of cards available, each offering an array of rewards, insurances, protections and other perks that make it hard to choose.
There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what’s the best credit card it all depends on your spending habits and needs.
The best credit card for you also varies based on your credit score: poor (300 to 579), fair/average (580-669), good (670 to 739) and excellent (740+), according to Experian.
Whether you want to build credit, get out of debt, earn rewards or travel the world, there’s an array of options. Some cards may offer limited-time welcome bonuses, annual statement credits, intro 0% APR periods and more that make it worthwhile to have a card (or cards) in your wallet.
You also need to decide whether you’re willing to pay an annual fee some cards charge over $500 although there are competitive low cost and no annual fee alternatives.
If you’re feeling stuck, take CNBC Select’s four-question quiz to help determine the best credit card for you.