President Trump ripped Don Lemon as the “dumbest man on television” after the CNN host held a segment that mocked the president’s supporters.
“Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television (with terrible ratings!),” Mr. Trump tweeted early Tuesday.
Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television (with terrible ratings!).
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 28, 2020
The tweet included a video posted by The Daily Caller of Mr. Lemon bursting into laughter as Republican political strategist Rick Wilson claimed the president wouldn’t be able to locate Ukraine on a map and ripped the president’s base as the “credulous boomer rube demo.”
The clip has racked up nearly 5 million views and counting and Mr. Lemon became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday morning, with many users calling him an elitist and tone-deaf. Mr. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. also weighed in on Twitter, bringing up a lawsuit against Mr. Lemon by someone accusing him of sexual assault.
Now is probably a good time to remind people that @CNN anchor @DonLemon is currently being sued in court for alleged sexual assault.
I guess CNN doesn’t “believe all victims” when the person being credibly accused is one of their leftwing anchors.
— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 28, 2020
You consistently make fun of half the country and then complain that it is divided.
The arrogance, mocking accents and smug ridicule of this nation’s ‘Real Elites’ is disgusting.
— Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) January 28, 2020
Wondering if @cnn is going to acknowledge (apologize) for this arrogant & divisive view of our country. There’s a reason trust in our media is at an all time low.
— Stephanie Grisham (@PressSec) January 28, 2020
More Proof that CNN is utter trash, and hates half the country.
Rick Wilson: those dumb southern guys liking trump hur durr durr
Don Lemon: laughing out of
— Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) January 28, 2020
Because of Rick Wilson and Don Lemon’s mockery of Trump supporters… @realDonaldTrump’s base just grew 10 times stronger
Keep it up and let history repeat itself – make fun of us all you want but you won’t be laughing when we come to the polls in masses this November
— Students For Trump (@TrumpStudents) January 28, 2020
Guest: Republicans are Hicks!
Don Lemon: Spits out water and falls out of his desk laughing
Guest 2: And the accents some of them have!
Don Lemon: gasps for air, tears streaming down his face
Guest 1: They don’t understand maps probably!
Don Lemon: passes out on set
— Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) January 28, 2020
Mr. Trump previously labeled Mr. Lemon the “dumbest man on television” last year after the CNN host questioned his “bigotry” during a Democratic debate.
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