President TrumpDonald John TrumpBiden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries CPAC attendee tests positive for coronavirusBiden campaign unveils biggest ad purchase of 2020 cycleMOREs campaign on Sunday previewed the lines of attack it will take against former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries Sanders releases reproductive health-care planBiden campaign unveils biggest ad purchase of 2020 cycleMORE if hes the Democratic nominee, saying it will cast him as unfit for office while making the case that hes ideologically aligned with Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersBiden racks up union endorsements ahead of crucial primaries Sanders releases reproductive health-care planBiden campaign unveils biggest ad purchase of 2020 cycleMORE (I-Vt.), the self-described democratic socialist.
In a conference call with reporters, Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said the campaign would make the case that Bidens past support for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) had resulted in thousands of plant closures in the battleground states that could determine the outcome of the 2020 election.
The myth of Joe Bidens blue collar appeal will be exposed if hes the nominee, Murtaugh said. Hes got a very serious problem in those states He voted for NAFTA; he was Obamas chief cheerleader on the Trans-Pacific Partnership those are notorious job killers … Joe Biden has serious vulnerabilities on those issues.
Sanders has taken the same line of attack against Biden. The Sanders campaign has warned that Trump will use the issue of trade to convince voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that the Democrats are disconnected from the economic interests of ordinary Americans.
If the entire 2016 electoral college map remains the same but Democrats win back Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, theyll reclaim the White House.
The Biden campaign has previously said that Trumps trade war with China has been enormously harmful to the farming and manufacturing industries across the Midwest and Rust Belt states.
[Trump has] proven that hes terrified of looking Joe Biden in the eye, even going as far as to get himself impeached when he was caught trying to coerce a foreign country into lying about the Vice President, said Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates. But all Donald Trump accomplished with that failed effort was to prove that Joe Biden is the only candidate who can overcome and defeat the presidents smear machine. Theyre right to be panicked.
The Trump campaign also said Sunday that it would cast Bidens efforts to build on ObamaCare through a public option as tantamount to a government takeover of the health insurance industry.
The Trump campaign described Bidens support for a public option as a slow-motion version of Sanderss proposed Medicare for All, and said that the end result would be the same the elimination of the private health care plans.
Theyre running on big government socialism, thats what its called, Murtaugh said. On health care, what theyre talking about is a government takeover of the entire system Joe Bidens use of a public option is a fig leaf and just another way to get to the same result.”
Democrats eager to build on ObamaCare have proposed a public option they say will preserve private insurance while allowing people in ObamaCare plans and employers to choose new Medicare-based insurance plans if they want to.
The Trump campaign on Sunday argued that the public option would crowd out private insurance and kick 180 million people off their employer-sponsored plans.
Vice President Biden was instrumental to making the Affordable Care Act a reality, and hes running to build on it with a Medicare-like public option, said Bates. Donald Trump has defined his presidency by trying to take healthcare away from millions of families and gut coverage for preexisting conditions just so he can give the rich yet another tax cut.
The Trump campaign is also raising questions about Bidens fitness for office, saying his flubbed remarks on the campaign trail will be a major liability for him.
“He gets up on stage and confuses what state hes in, Murtaugh said. He thinks Margaret Thatcher is still the British prime minister. He cant pull Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaObama marks 55th anniversary of ‘Bloody Sunday’ march Trump sets up for bruising campaign against BidenDeval Patrick backs BidenMOREs name out of the air. Hes a bad candidate. Hes never been good at this. Im not sure why anyone thought hed be good this time around.
“There will be plenty of ammunition if he turns out to be our opponent,” he added.
The Trump campaign has been circulating videos online of Biden misspeaking or appearing confused on the campaign trail.
Bidens supporters have cast the criticism as cruel and bullying, noting that Biden dealt with a stutter when he was young.
Donald Trump thinks that windmills cause cancer, that climate change is a ‘Chinese hoax,’ calls himself a ‘stable genius,’ and has offered the groundbreaking insight that hurricanes are ‘wet from the standpoint of water,’ and told people it was fine to go to work when infected with coronavirus, which he’s botching the federal response to right now, a senior adviser to the Biden campaign said. If he really wants to go there, okay. Bing bong.
But the new lines of attack indicate how nasty the 2020 contest is likely to be, no matter who the Democrats nominate.
Biden currently has a delegate lead over Sanders in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee after winning 10 of 14 states on Super Tuesday, making him the undisputed frontrunner and the likeliest to win the nomination, according to most political analysts.
Sanders is still competitive, however, and is banking on a strong showing in the Michigan primary on Tuesday to turn things around.
The Trump campaign said that no matter who emerges from that fight, theyd cast the Democratic nominee as two sides of the same coin.
For more than a year the Bernie-AOC wing has been calling the policy shots, Murtaugh said. We are now down to these two: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. They agree on almost all of the important issues theyve been talking about since the beginning of this race.
“Regardless of which comes out the other end, theyre running on big government socialism, thats what its called.