A man rides a bicycle as people walk on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida on June 26, 2020.
Vice-President Mike Pence is calling off a planned bus tour in Florida to benefit his and President Donald Trumps re-election as the state experiences a surge in confirmed coronavirus cases.
The state of Florida has set another record in daily confirmed coronavirus cases. Florida health officials on Saturday reported more than 9,500 new COVID-19 cases, surpassing the previous days total by more than 600 confirmed cases. The figures come as officials move to re-close beaches and discourage bar gatherings.
Experts say the true figure is undoubtedly higher. This is both because of incomplete testing and because it is becoming clearer to scientists that a significant number of people become infected with the virus but do not feel sick or show symptoms.
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Pence is still travelling to the state, the White House confirmed, saying he will meet with Gov. Ron DeSantis and his health care teams.
Pence said Friday during a briefing by the White Houses coronavirus task force that he would visit Florida, Texas and Arizona this week to receive a ground report on spiking cases of COVID-19 across the sunbelt.
Pence was to appear in Lake Wales at an event organized by pro-Trump group America First Policies billed as the Great American Comeback tour. The group announced that Out of an abundance of caution at this time, we are postponing the Great American Comeback tour stop in Florida. We look forward to rescheduling soon.
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