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It was a decision that was made with Public Health, due to the evolution of the situation in Quebec, which is stabilizing. Overall, the indicators have been declining for several days. Daily variations therefore become less relevant.
Arruda, a veteran public-health official, holds the title of associate deputy health minister. As a career civil servant, Arrudas position is apolitical, something he himself has emphasized.
The release of COVID-19 information has often been delayed and corrected since mid-March. In early May, when the pandemic was far from under control, Arruda warned Quebecers to expect a large number of COVID-19 deaths at the end of each month. He explained the government would be adding deaths from weeks earlier than had not been reported previously.
In April, Legault complained at his news conferences about the quality of the data in the daily updates on the  network of long-term care centres (CHSLDs). Legault said he ordered those updates withdrawn until authorities could clean up the data so new COVID-19 infections would be separated from cumulative cases.
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