Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Tuesday released a set of proposals designed to root out government corruption that included a vow to have the Justice Department launch a new task force to go after Trump administration officials for bribery and other potential crimes.
The task force would investigate Trump administration officials for violations of federal bribery, insider trading, and other “anti-corruption and public integrity laws,” according to the proposal from Ms. Warren, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate.
The task force would have independent authority to pursue “any substantiated criminal and civil violations,” according to the plan.
Under the plan, Ms. Warren also would immediately ask for the resignations of all political appointees, including U.S. attorneys, with exceptions only for people deemed necessary to protect national security and to preserve continuity in the transition period.
She also said she would announce her Cabinet appointments by Dec. 1 and other top nominations by Dec. 15. She would fully staff “all senior and mid-level” White House positions by Inauguration Day.
“My transition will move faster than any transition in modern history to identify appointees and develop plans for making change starting on day one,” she said on her campaign website. “Unlike previous transitions, we will not be able to assume good faith cooperation on the part of the outgoing administration, and we do not have an outgoing administration that shares even the most basic values.”
She set specific experience requirements for administration appointments, vowing, for example, to appoint a secretary of agriculture “who has a demonstrated commitment to advocating for Black farmers.”
Ms. Warren also vowed to have at least half of her Cabinet positions filled by “women and non binary people.”
She also vowed not to hire any current lobbyists, and said senior members of her administration have to pledge to never accept a lobbying appointment after they leave the government.
She said that both President Trump and President Barack Obama failed to curb the number of lobbyists and government officials “that spin through the revolving door.”
Ms. Warren would also require senior officials to divest from any investments that might present a conflict of interest.
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