Luke Skywalker is tweeting about Supernatural. Welcome to 2020.
It all started when Star Wars star Mark Hamill posted about Supernatural on his Instagram Story, mentioning a “cameo” of sorts. “Always up for a cameo with Harrison” Hamill wrote, referencing Sam and Dean’s U.S. Wildlife Service badges, which identify them as Agents Ford and Hamill. The badges, which were initially used in Supernatural‘s first season, were brought back in its current final season.
Supernatural star Jared Padalecki responded to Hamill’s post saying, “If you get a chance to be @HamillHimself, always be @HamillHimself.” Hamill then responded, “And if you get a chance to do a cameo on #Supernatural without leaving your house, always GRAB IT! Much obliged for that, Jared!”
Supernatural creator Eric Kripke then chimed in, citing the fact that Sam and Dean were based on Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. “That’s cool. No biggie. Totally not freaking the f— out that @HamillHimself checked in on #SPN,” Kripke tweeted. “Its not like Sam & Dean weren’t based on Luke & Han or anything. Or that #StarWars was in the core DNA of the show & my life. Keeping it real chill. #Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah #SPNFamily”
Supernatural returns to The CW on Jan. 16 for the last half of its final season.
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