Taron Egerton won his first ever Golden Globe for his performance in Rocketman.
He was blown away by the honour and thanked everyone for their role in helping him win Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical.
You can imagine those closest to the actor would have been absolutely buzzing about the news but no one was happier than the person he portrayed in the film: Elton John.
When the camera panned to Egerton’s face, he looked speechless, but two seats away Sir Elton had his clenched fists in the air and looked to be screaming with excitement.
Even as Taron walked up to accept his award and throughout his acceptance speech, the singer couldn’t contain his happiness.
The pair have been very close ever since Sir Elton announced he was producing a film about himself and having Egerton star in it.
Speaking to The Wrap about Elton, the actor said: ‘We really sort of fell in love as friends. I think that really informed and fed into my portrayal of him because I cared about him.
“It’s nice to have an organic conversation about attitudes and feelings, and certainly about the primary characters in the film.
“I was wanting to know about his drug use, and how that first started and how it evolved, and his other addictions; alcohol, eating, smoking weed… he has voracious appetites for all things.
“He’s one of those people who just can’t get enough of anything, whether it be art, work or Class A drugs.”
Credit: PA
The movie also picked up the Golden Globe for Best Original Song.
Sir Elton was full of praise for Taron as well, telling IndieWire: “When I saw Taron, I was not looking at him – I was looking at me. And when I was hearing the voice, I was hearing me, but it wasn’t me,” he said. “Everything about it was extraordinary.”
Out of all the scenes from the movie, there was one that stood out for the singer.
He only saw the end result when it premiered at the Canne Film Festival and he was blown away by the moment his real-life songwriter Bernie Taupin (played by Jamie Bell) saw him in rehab.
“I broke down again because it just showed…the incredible love – Bernie was the glue that held the film together,” he said.
“Our relationship, it survived everything, survived all the bad behavior and the success. I just lost it in the Cannes Film Festival. How embarrassing is that?”