JPMorgan Chase is requesting that thousands of its employees in the US work from home as a test-run for its coronavirus contingency plan, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Michelle F Davis. 
The bank has asked around 10% of its consumer banking staff to work remotely as it tests the plan, which was codenamed “Project Kennedy,” according to the report. 
The plan would prepare the bank for a possible shutdown of its US offices if the coronavirus spreads further. 
JPMorgan did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The bank’s test comes amid news of numerous companies around the world restricting employee travel and temporarily closing offices as part of efforts to combat the rise in cases of COVID-19, the disease spread by the novel coronavirus.
In February, companies in London asked hundreds of employees to work from home, including 300 Chevron employees. 
Ford told Business Insider on Tuesday that it is restricting company travel globally until March 27. 
Business Insider’s Rob Price reported on Tuesday that Google has stopped international business travel after an employee in the company’s Zurich office tested positive for the coronavirus.