CALGARY – Work on the long-delayed, hotly debated Keystone XL project will begin as early as next month, TC Energy Corp. said in a court filing Tuesday.
The Calgary-based pipeline giant filed a status report in the United States District Court of Montana that outlined “presently planned work for 2020 involving both pre-construction activities and construction of the pipeline.”
The company has been looking to build the 830,000-barrels-per-day pipeline – which was rejected by former U.S. president Barack Obama then approved by President Donald Trump — for more than 10 years. The company indicated that it will build the 1.2-mile border crossing between Canada and the U.S. in April, in the court filing.
The filing outlines the company’s plans to mobilize heavy construction equipment to “worker camps and pipeline storage yards in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska” in February, followed by mowing and other site clearing activities in March. By April, the company intends to move pipes by trains and trucks into storage yards.
Construction on pumping stations for the pipeline will begin in June, along with a portion of the line through Nebraska. In Montana and South Dakota, the company expects to begin full construction work in August.
TC Energy did not respond to a request for comment on Tuesday but the company had previously indicated that work on Keystone XL, which is expected to cost $8 billion, would begin in 2020 and carry on through 2021.
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