Something that other reviews don’t seem to be saying: the issues with pages falling out seems to have been resolved.The original problem was that the pages were glued together instead of sewn. THIS HAS BEEN CORRECTED with a subsequent printing. That being said, I would strongly recommend against purchasing a used copy of this set unless you’ve verified with the seller that the binding is SEWN binding.
A little background: being aware of the issues surrounding the glued binding, I did a little research on internet forums to see if the issue had been corrected. The only evidence I could find was one random poster on a random forum saying that they “thought” the issue had been corrected.
So I took matters into my own hands and called the publisher. It took forever to get through to them (the number seems to be intended for wholesalers looking to purchase in bulk), but the lady that helped me was able to call back and confirm that the binding is now sewn rather than glued. I asked when the most recent printing had been, and her (now undoubtedly out-of-date) answer gave me confidence that it was far enough back to reassure me that most retailers would have cleared out their stock of the first edition printing. Reassured by this (and Amazon’s return policy), I went ahead and purchased after it went on sale. And I can now confirm: sewn binding.
As an aside, as others are saying, the collection is quite heavybut I wouldn’t say that the individual books are too heavy to read if you’ve propped the book against your legs, etc.
The quality of this collection is (finally) worthy of such a great and timeless comic strip. Calvin & Hobbes stands alone at the top of best comic strip of all time, and nothing else even comes close. Everyone can enjoy this strip, from young kids to adults (though adult fans likely won’t want to let their kids touch the books lol)