CBS News’ most recent poll, published Sunday, indicated that only 39% of New Hampshire voters had definitely made up their minds, and and only 59% of those who had decided are enthusiastic about their chosen candidate.”I go in the shower and think one thing. I come out of the shower and think something else,” Mary Atwell of Bedford told CBS News of her decision. “I think it’s very difficult this time. And I’ve voted in a lot of elections.”
The retiree and member of the Bedford Democrats has seen Buttigieg in person three times, along with Klobuchar, Warren and Booker. She’s currently housing an Elizabeth Warren volunteer. “I’ve been leaning towards Pete. But then I get a little worried because he’s young.” She paused. “I like some of Elizabeth Warren’s proposals. It’s hard.”Gerri and Ron King have been hosting presidential candidates at their home since 2004. This election cycle alone, the couple hosted a dozen White House contenders in their living room.
“When Obama was at our house, we sent pictures to our friends out of state. Our friends thought we photo-shopped him in,” Gerri King chuckled.
“They don’t have the stage persona while standing in your living room,” Ron King remarked. “On the debate stage, you always get the stump speech. In the house, you don’t get that.”
Renowned for its intimate house parties, New Hampshire offers its small, six-figure pool of voters a first row seat and outsized role in picking the party’s nominee, though sometimes that seat is on the neighbor’s carpet. 
“There’s something special about a person sitting on the living room floor, asking a question. It’s different from a large venue,” Ron King said.
Some candidates agree. “I want to thank you for caring so much about the world around us,” Senator Amy Klobuchar told voters gathered in a Manchester bar last night. “New Hampshire really gives us so much. It gives us a feeling that a state that’s maybe not that big can still play a major role in the world.”
When the first votes of the primary were counted after midnight, from Dixville Notch, Hart’s Location and Millsfield, Amy Klobuchar was ahead, with 8 votes. Mike Bloomberg managed to get three write-in votes out of Dixville Notch. He’s not on the ballot here.
Klobuchar leads in very first overnight New Hampshire primary votes
By Wednesday, New Hampshire voters universally concede that their turn in the spotlight will end. “After Tuesday, we’re chopped liver,” Gerri King quipped.