• Impatience is brewing as Sony maintains its PS5 radio silence.
  • GameStops PS5 registration page features the latest morsel of news.
  • While welcome, it doesnt offer any new insights about the highly-anticipated next-generation console.

Its been nearly two months since Sony unveiled the PlayStation 5 logo at CES 2020. Since then, weve heard little else other than a vague promise of upcoming news via the freshly published PS5 website.
Sonys bare-bones PS5 website is the closest weve come to any real info on the new console. | Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment
With Microsoft regaling us with fresh teraflop-flavored details about the Xbox Series X as recently as Monday, would-be fans of the PlayStation 5 are left with little to sink their teeth into, and impatience is mounting.
The result is that any morsel of PlayStation 5 news, regardless of whether it emanates from an official source or the well-oiled rumor mill, is pounced upon like vultures to carrion.
GameStop Unveils PS5 Details
The latest comes from U.S. retailer GameStop, courtesy of a PlayStation 5 landing page where those interested can share their contact information to receive notifications. While not directly from Sony, it does carry a bit more reputational weight than your daily dose of Reddit speculation.
GameStop has published some official details about Sonys new console. | Source: GameStop
Unfortunately, theres nothing all that new on GameStops newly minted registration page. It merely summarizes features shared by PS5 lead architect Mark Cerny in an interview with Wired nearly a year ago and in more recent info drops.
Here they are;

  • Full 8K TV support
  • Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset
  • 3D Audio
  • Built-for-purpose SSD storage
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR hardware
  • Ray tracing capabilities
  • Expanded User Interface
  • New controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • Enhanced GPU
  • Physical and digital games

Nothing New Here
Theres no mention of design, launch titles, release date, nor more in-depth details about what the PlayStation 5 is hiding under the hood. Not that wed expect these from anyone other than Sony.
But, these are the details that matter now rather than vague PR-vetted promises of nebulously innovative features.
With the appetite for PlayStation 5 news growing with each passing day, GameStops latest info drop will do little to quench the growing thirst for PS5 news.
This article was edited by Josiah Wilmoth.