Sir David Attenborough has been named the nation’s dream Prime Minister – ahead of Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson and England manager Gareth Southgate.
A poll of 2,000 adults revealed the popular naturalist beat other close rivals such as Stephen Fry and Jurgen Klopp to be named the ideal premier and move in to 10 Downing Street. We can see it now:
What it would look like if dreams came true. Credit: SWNS
Attenborough’s calming tones, love for the environment and popularity with people of all ages saw him win more than a fifth of the vote. What a LAD.
Ant and Dec – doing the job together, of course – also featured in the top 25 list, along with JK Rowling, Adele and Stormzy.
The study was commissioned by Sky to launch its new action-packed political drama COBRA, which will be airing on Sky One on 17 January. It is set in the heart of government during a time of national crisis and stars Robert Carlyle as the Prime Minister.
A spokesperson for Sky said: “As a much loved and trusted figure, it’s not a surprise that David Attenborough topped the poll for PM.
“As we have Robert Carlyle playing the Prime Minister in our new series COBRA we thought it would be fun to find out which celebrities the public thought would be best running the country.”
Sir David Attenborough beat the likes of Stormzy and Emma Watson. Credit: SWNS
Jeremy Clarkson came fourth in the poll, followed by Hugh Grant, who played a popular Prime Minister in 2003 classic Love Actually. Piers Morgan, Dame Helen Mirren and Harry Potter star Emma Watson were also among the popular candidates for the top job.
Mary Berry won the battle of the Great British Bake Off, with the former judge of the TV show coming in above her successor Prue Leith.
Mary Berry beat GBBO successor Prue Leith. Credit: BBC
The study also found nearly half of the population reckon they themselves could do better jobs in Government than those currently holding the roles.
And four in 10 think their chosen celebrities would be more trustworthy than the real-life politicians in power. One in five of those polled, via OnePoll, even admitted to being more likely to vote a celebrity into office during an election than the standing politicians.
Top 25 celebrities Brits would most like to see as Prime Minister:
1. David Attenborough (21 percent)2. Stephen Fry (14 percent)3. Richard Branson (13 percent)4. Jeremy Clarkson (13 percent)5. Hugh Grant (9 percent)6. Piers Morgan (9 percent)7. Ant and Dec (9 percent)8. Jurgen Klopp (9 percent)9. Helen Mirren (8 percent)10. JK Rowling (8 percent)11. Ricky Gervais (7 percent)12. James Corden (7 percent)13. Emma Watson (7 percent)14. Gareth Southgate (7 percent)15. Adele (7 percent)16. Russell Brand (6 percent)17. Mary Berry (6 percent)18. Lenny Henry (6 percent)19. Robert Carlyle (6 percent)20. Sharon Osbourne (5 percent)21. Stormzy (5 percent)22. Alan Partridge (5 percent)23. Harry Styles (5 percent)24. Ruth Jones (5 percent)25. Prue Leith (5 percent)
Sky original drama COBRA launches on 17 January on Sky One and NOW TV.