This weeks lineup of new games in the Nintendo eShop brings with it the conclusion of the decade-spanning episodic series Kentucky Route Zero. Theres also a dash of retro Sega classics, plus the moody 198X, which uses those same retro games to tell a different kind of story. Lets dive in.
Its Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition of course thats the big headliner this week. All five acts of the magical realist adventure arrive for the Switch on Jan. 28. Thats the same day that version of the game drops for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Its also when the fifth act arrives for PC players, so make sure you know where your old save file is if youd like to skip to the end.
Released Thursday for Switch is Mosaic, which debuted on Steam last month. The low-poly surrealist adventure focuses on the main characters workaday world. A highly narrative experience, it should only take you a few hours to play.
Nintendo Switch owners also get Oddworld: Strangers Wrath on Jan. 23. The action-adventure title originally came out for the first Xbox in 2005. It stars a Wild West-inspired bounty hunter, and it a bit of a departure from the puzzle-like nature of the series previous three games.
One last highlight is 198X, which Polygon got its hands on for the first time over the summer. Our Jeff Ramos fell in love with the coming-of-age drama, which uses classic 80s video game formats games like R-Typeand Final Fight to tell its 16-bit story.
The rest of the titles coming out over the next week are listed below.
Jan. 23
Jan. 24
Jan. 27
Jan. 28
Jan. 29