There is one word nearly every Overwatch player hates to hear: GOATS. The GOATS meta a strategy requiring all tanks and healers dominated Blizzard Entertainments Overwatch League in 2019. A lot people hated it because it was boring to watch; tanks have a lot of health, and with three healers, theyre even more beefy. Theres a lot of strategy to it, but not necessarily visually interesting, as characters crash into each other over until one team outlasts the other.
Teams kept playing it, over and over, until Blizzard stepped in. In July 2019, Blizzard implemented the Overwatch role queue, which forced players into roles: two damage players, two support, and two tanks. And that, my friends, was the end of GOATS.
GOATS is gone but never forgotten; Blizzard is making sure of that. Today, the developer revealed a new skin thatll be released ahead of the Overwatch Leagues Feb. 8 kickoff: GOAT Brigitte.
To celebrate the Greatest Of All Time, Blizzard tweeted from the Overwatch League account. GOAT Brigitte will be available February 6 to kick-off the start of #OWL2020.
The skins actually pretty great, a riff on Brigittes standard armor but with purple and blue tones. Its embellished with goat details, embedded in her armor and with horns on her head. Blizzard hasnt said how much itll cost, though it will likely require Overwatch League Tokens. GOAT Brigitte will only be available from Feb. 6 to 19. Weve reached out to Blizzard for pricing information.
Perhaps you dont want to relive Overwatchs meta nightmare? The games annual Lunar New Year event began today and introduced a bunch of new skins.
The Overwatch Leagues third season begins Feb. 8 in New York.