Nipsey Hussle’s amazing tribute at the 62nd Grammy Awards was everything that fans of the late rapper could have asked for, involving friends and collaborators that knew and understood his vision. Artists such as Meek Mill, Roddy Ricch, YG, DJ Khaled, and John Legend paid homage to Nipsey in the form of emotional performances. Meek and Ricch opened up the tribute with a touching number that reflected on how they felt after Nipsey’s passing. Following the awards show, the two rappers released the stirring song, “Letter To Nipsey.” Along with its release, Meek revealed that the proceeds of its sale will all go towards Nipsey’s family.
“Letter To Nipsey” is an intense, emotional diary entry of emotions. Meek writes first, explaining that although he wasn’t the closest with Nipsey, his death has had a tremendous impact on him. “And I ain’t finna say it like I’m your main homie/ But when we lost you it really put some pain on me,” he raps. Meek continues on boldly, detailing the tears that he’s shed for Nipsey.
Ricch sings a powerful chorus about questioning faith after such an important figure in his life was taken away before then going into a verse about his own feelings towards Nipsey. “I was in Miami when I lost you, I ain’t talk about it/ I remember I bawled out in tears when I saw your body,” he pushes out, even though it’s rough to rap about. He ends his verse by calling Nipsey his big brother and paying his respects to the rapper’s family.
Nipsey and Roddy received the Grammy for Best Rap Performance for their collaboration, “Racks In The Middle.” It was Nipsey’s first posthumous Grammy after being nominated last year for Best Rap Album thanks to Victory Lap. 
Listen to Meek and Ricch’s emotional tribute, “Letter To Nipsey,” up above.