Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a while. As you might have noticed in the disclaimer, GMC expects to make its electric Hummer available in fall 2021. This teaser is about whetting appetites, not to mention countering the buzz for the Cybertruck, Rivian’s R1T and Ford’s eventual electric pickup.
Still, the announcement represents a symbolic turnaround for the Hummer badge and GM as a whole. The original civilian Hummer (the H1) was meant to capitalize on post-Gulf War fervor and represented ’90s excess between its enormous size and horrible fuel economy — it was practically designed to hurt the environment. Successive models like the H2 and H3 weren’t much better, and the series was often characterized by sluggish performance. The electric revival isn’t likely to be modest by any stretch, but it’ll be far gentler to the planet even as it offers power its gas-guzzling predecessors could never have achieved.