The red MAGA hat — a cultural and political icon so beloved among fans of President Trump — has taken on a new role. It has become a convenient and durable symbol to display on mailbox, flagpole or fence, particularly appealing in a presidential election year.
The “Mailbox Mascot” lights up too. The bright red, molded plastic hats have a solar-powered lantern set behind cut-out letters spelling “TRUMP.”
“We wanted to produce something different that supports our president, and is also something eye-catching and fun and certainly a topic of conversation,” Jon Hall, the Massachusetts-based craftsman behind the effort, told The Washington Times.
“The response has been great. They mount with a magnetic base. People want to put them on their flagpoles, fence posts and other spots. But they’re not recommended for cars or trucks. The magnet has a 4-pound pull and can’t handle and highway speeds. We definitely don’t want these going airborne,” Mr. Hall said.
“We started the design over six months ago, made a few prototypes with a 3 D printer and then the two-cavity mold which allows us to produce the hats in much larger quantities,” he said. “And we’re doing it proudly in the USA. It’s great to see raw materials being converted into a product in an American factory.”
The Mailbox Mascots are priced at $20 and are available at
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