Couples are looking for love and marriage on a fake reality dating series, and what they all have in common is that they have tested positive for the coronavirus. The Saturday Night Live sketch spoofed the popular Netflix series Love is Blind, creating a Quarantine Edition for a skit that was cut from airing due to time constraints.
“Where singles get engaged without ever meeting face to face,” a voice over says in the video clip. “They have to get to know each other in isolated windowless pods. They all share something in common, not only are they truly desperate to get married, they’re being quarantined because of exposure to the coronavirus.”
The would-be couples, including a character played by host John Mulaney, talk to each other from the comfort of their own pods, mainly discussing how they were exposed to the virus. Can something as devastating as a deadly virus help two people find true love?
Watch the video above to find out.
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