The Trump administration plans to ask for $2 billion in new border-wall construction funding, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday, citing officials familiar with the planning.
The White House will officially release its budget proposal Monday. 
The reported $2 billion request is far less than the amount the White House sought for border wall funding last year when the Trump administration asked for $5 billion for the wall, on top of $3.6 billion to replenish funding for military construction projects the administration shifted for border wall construction. 
This years request does not include any money to reimburse the military, the Journal reports. 
The Democratic-controlled House is unlikely to give Trump the amount he requests. 
The smaller request reflects that the administration needs fewer resources to build Trumps proposed border wall with the Mexican border as it has met its funding goals by shifting money from the military toward construction, officials told the Journal. 
The request for the $2 billion will go toward new sections of the wall that havent yet been planned, the officials told the Journal. 
A spokesperson for the White House was not immediately available for comment. 
Trump refused to sign a budget last year that did not give him the $5 billion he requested. It resulted in the nation’s longest government shutdown, stretching more than a month. 
Trump then declared a state of emergency last February which allowed him to move money allocated for military projects to his signature border wall.