Two cruise ships quarantined over the deadly coronavirus sweeping across China have met different fates. 
One ship, the World Dream stationed in Hong Kong, allowed passengers to disembark on Sunday after the ship’s crew members tested negative for the virus. The other ship, the Diamond Princess stationed near Tokyo, Japan, continues to report more cases of the virus on board, with the number of infected passengers rising to 70 on Sunday. At least 14 of those passengers are American, NBC News reported.
The coronavirus outbreak has killed more than 800 people and infected more than 37,000 people internationally as of Sunday. On Saturday, World Health Organization officials said new cases have begun to taper off in recent days, though the overall death toll and number of infected patients continues to rise.
The virus has now claimed more lives and infected more people than the SARS outbreak did in 2003. It has also spread to at least 25 countries outside China. 
Both the World Dream and Diamond Princess were quarantined last week after the ships learned that they had previously carried infected passengers. But as the World Dream passengers start their journey home, passengers on board the Diamond Princess are growing restless their cabins.
Here’s the latest on the quarantines.