Peter Kavinsky or John Ambrose McClaren? It’s a question that’s been at the forefront of our minds for a while now, and in just a few short weeks, we’ll finally have our answer. To hold us over until then, though, Netflix dropped another trailer ahead of the To All The Boys sequel’s February 12 release, and yes, it’ll have you swooning hard over Lara Jean’s potential new love interest.
The over two-minute-long trailer begins with Lara Jean’s sister Kitty recapping Peter and LJ’s love story, which we all saw play out in the first film. And though the preview gives us glimpses at their life as an official couple, from their first real date at a fancy restaurant to a romantic night out at the carnival à la The Notebook, Lara Jean is the first to admit that their relationship is not perfect.
“Sometimes I wish my boyfriend was more anonymous,” she says after seeing Valentines from other girls pour out of Peter’s locker. But it doesn’t have to be that way and there are other options, which is something she soon finds out when she receives a response to yet another one of her long lost love letters.
“Dear Lara Jean, I couldn’t believe when I opened that letter and it was from you,” John Ambrose wrote. “It’s been what, five years?” Next thing you know, the two are volunteering together. And as we all know, reconnecting with an old crush can be a recipe for romance  especially if the feelings are mutual.
“Everyone liked you in middle school,” Lara Jean says, insisting that she’s not the only one who had a crush on her former Model UN peer. But alas, John wasn’t interested in anyone else, and he lets her know it with a puppy-eyed gaze. “I didn’t care about everyone,” he responds.
Clearly, John Ambrose’s arrival really shakes things up, and the person who’s least excited about it seems to be ding! ding! ding! Peter Kavinsky. Things get particularly tense when John offers to help clean up and Peter insists that he should be the one to do it since Lara Jean is, after all, his girlfriend. But can Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship weather the storm that is John Ambrose? Head over to Netflix on Wednesday, February 12, to find out.